Accounting and Tax


  • Preparation of customer invoices 

  • Payments to suppliers 

  • Opening letter of credits 

  • Full bookkeeping solution on an agreed chart of accounts 

  • Other relevant administrative services 


  • Preparation of the monthly payroll
  • Sending of the monthly pay slips to employees 

  • Preparation of the monthly NPF & PAYE returns to be submitted to the MRA and NPF 

  • Sending of the yearly statement of emoluments to employees 

  • Preparation of the yearly return of employees to be submitted to the MRA 

  • Any other related payroll services 


  • Compulsory or voluntary registration with the MRA 

  • Computation of the monthly or quarterly VAT liability or asset 

  • Preparation of the monthly or quarterly VAT return for submission to the MRA on 
our online platform (Navitas is an authorised e-filing centre) 

  • Ensuring VAT refunds are properly administered 
  • Taxation advice 

  • Computation and submission of the following returns to the MRA: 

  • APS tax 

  • Yearly corporate tax 

  • Tax Deduction at Source 

Financial Reporting

  • Preparation of the monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly management accounts 

  • Preparation of the statutory annual financial statements for filing with the 
Registrar of Companies