Corporate Secretarial

Pre-incorporation services  

  • Providing advisory services to clients and prospective clients on the selection of the right corporate structure to meet their business objectives. 

  • Incorporation of all types of domestic companies; limited by shares, limited by guarantee, limited by both shares and guarantee or unlimited companies. 

  • Drafting of the Constitution of the proposed company and other agreements such as shareholders' agreements, memorandum of understanding, sale and purchase agreements, etc.


Post-incorporation services 

  • Acting as company secretary to the client company. 

  • Maintenance & updating of all required statutory registers. 

  • Preparation of the annual directors and shareholders resolutions to approve the 
financial statements. 

  • Filing of the annual financial statements with the Registrar of Companies. 

  • Facilitating the payment of annual license fees to the Registrar of Companies. 

  • Providing the client company with resident directors if required. 

  • Opening of bank accounts in local and foreign currencies. 

  • Preparation of directors and shareholders resolutions to authorise various 
corporate actions. 

  • Change of name. 

  • Change in registered office. 

  • Issue and allotment of shares. 

  • Transfer and registration of shares. 

  • Other capital restructuring schemes such as reduction of capital, issue of shares of 
different classes, share splits, etc. 

  • Amendment of Constitutions. 

  • Mergers & amalgamations of companies. 

  • Removal of companies from register.