Doing Business in Mauritius

Setting up a company and starting a business activity in Mauritius is a simple and straight forward process. Mauritius offers a business environment which is very conducive to investment and business growth. A step-by-step guide provides comprehensive information on doing business in Mauritius.

Entering Mauritius for Business
Visa entry requirements to enter Mauritius for business purposes

Starting a business
Registering the business activity with the Registrar Companies is the first step to doing business in the country

Choosing the business location
Business owners have the choice to rent between plug-and-play offices or bare offices in various parts of the island

Recruiting staff
Finding the right talents and developing your human resource capacities with continuous training

Business development
The Government of Mauritius has put in place a number of schemes to facilitate growth of business

Paying taxes
Understanding the relevant taxes applicable to businesses

Cost of doing business
A recap of some of the costs associated to doing business in Mauritius

Living in Mauritius
Non-citizens of Mauritius may opt to apply for a Work or an Occupation Permit to work and live in Mauritius. Retired non-citizens can also reside in the country.